My Approach

I've had my clients say that they've really enjoyed doing the sessions and that's what I love to hear.  We just have fun on the day and go about our day on the beach or which ever setting we're in and we see what the camera delivers. I want my photo's to tell a story and evoke an emotion. There might be posed images where I'll ask you to look at the camera but I also do love natural photo's capturing who we are cause we are all so unique and beautiful in our own way.  Even when I find myself in a group setting I will always single out every person to capture what makes them beautiful so that you get more of your session.

My Story

If there's a word that describes my style of photography it would be romantic, I adore nature &  flowers and always try to bring those elements into my photosessions with the props that I use to style my sessions

Meet your photographer

I love the stories that photo's tell and the memories that they bring. Every photo is like a piece of artwork to me. There is so much beauty in portriats and people and that is what I enjoy capturing.

my photo

Liza Gillatt

   Your photographer

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